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Title: Cava Doro...what's it like ?
Post by: sophia on June 07, 2019, 11:59:54 am
Hi has anyone stayed recently in this accommodation. My son & family have booked to go here & mixed reviews on TA. Although it's AI, they intend to eat locally as they like to try different places too.
Title: Re: Cava Doro...what's it like ?
Post by: slimgym on October 26, 2019, 09:30:09 pm
Bit late for this season as only just spotted your message.. but I thought it was worth being at least one reply.

We don't book AI, been going to Kalamaki at least 9 years always B&B's. We had two weeks at Metaxa in June but when we got back missed it and wanted another week in Sept but could find no availability. Having drawn a blank we planned to grab a last minute deal anywhere. But when the time came, Cavo D'Oro came in at 1300 for both of us including flights, 15kg luggage, transfers, accommodation and three meals plus snacks. Other late deals to different islands were more expensive so we went with what we knew.

We ate out at Michaelos every evening as we would normally so we didn't take the evening meal. We had a twin-level duplex room; a mezzanine bedroom up a staircase from the living area. Under the bedroom was a toilet with separate wet room/shower and with two sinks. Air con, safety box and fridge were also included. The room was stunning, luxurious, plush (and of course brand new). Nothing to fault. The bed was king size, deep and for Greece uncharacteristically comfortable. We generally take our own pillows but no need here! The pictures you see that look like artists impressions are what you get, even photos I took don't look real. There are seven pools including one that loops around a bar area. We were in a single block of 12 rooms with its own pool. There were two other new blocks that faced each other and a pool running down past each room to a swim-up bar at the end.

The food was good, no sign of poor quality ingredients nor brought-in pre-made stuff. The people who work there were attentive, responsive, professional. The food was continually checked and turned by the several staff keeping an eye on the servery. The barbecued and griddled food was cooked off to one side and visible to guests. Breakfast had Greek, English-style cooked, European cold meats, fruits and and cereals. Lunch was several international dishes (i.e. not Greek) plus salads, vegetables, generally a fish dish, a dark meat and a chicken plus a vegetarian main and steamed/pasta to one side with pizza, a soup starter and desert, fruit, cheese to finish. The evening meal was a different choice but the same kind of mix. There was a 'Greek house' separate from the main restaurant (by the main pool) that did more traditional Greek dishes in the evening (e.g. gyros) and provided snacks during the day (e.g. burgers, chips etc).

The drinks on offer were soft drinks (IMHO over sugared but everyone is different), water, local wines, spirits and Zorba Beer plus British tea bags and coffee! The beer was ok but to me nothing on Mythos or Alfa. There was a pleasant roof top bar and the main bar was quite relaxed late at night. Certainly doesn't look like everyone is staying in each night.

We didn't use the entertainment but there seemed to be things going on around the pool most days plus morning walks and evening singers.

We loved the bed, the room, shower and pool. We pay a relatively small price for B&B in Kalamaki then eat out lunch and evening. The AI works out three times the cost for a week and even more so if you go two weeks. If the difference per day were not too much I would pay it to have the better room, choice of food (and still eat out every night) but it works out another 140 a night.

To me AI and B&B can co-habit on the island without worrying the independent operators as the two markets aren't the same. At least I hope so.
Title: Re: Cava Doro...what's it like ?
Post by: sophia on November 03, 2019, 09:44:55 am
Awww, thank you for your informative reply to my query which I enjoyed reading. My son and family enjoyed their holiday here so much they have booked for next year. They also had some meals out, spent money on trips and generally weren't in the complex for the majority of the holiday. They liked the actual accommodation here so that was good and they made lots of friends with families with similar age children. :)