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Title: Back home now !
Post by: tony welsh on October 12, 2019, 10:50:27 am
We got back home last night after a great bonus week in Alykanas making it 4 trips this year. We picked up remarkably cheap flights (£115 each return with 10kg each hand luggage only) with T.U.I. from Cardiff too. We rarely use our own CARDIFF airport thesedays opting for the much cheaper Easyjet flights available across from Bristol but these prices were to good to turn down booked just before T. Cook went bust. This was by far the quickest flight across to Zante we’ve ever had taking just 3 hours and 1 minute in the air. When we disembarked the plane we were on the 1st coach to the terminal building and we were  straight through passport control. Out to the car park we soon found our hire car that had been dropped off for us and after stopping for petrol too from stepping off the plane and getting up to Alykanas took us just 40 mins. We headed straight to our favourite CUBA BAR and arrived totally unannounced  as we had told nobody beforehand. Such was the welcome I had to go and get our room keys back up from the Pahnis as time was moving on, eventually we got to our room with our bags at 2 a.m. after arriving around 18-40 p.m. beforehand l.o.l. It was so sad to see the village so empty after the T. Cook collapse, places were closing shop for the Season on a daily basis as the week went on due to lack of trade. The main village road looked like a ghost town at all hours of the day but there were still a few places left open to dine at night when we left. Weatherwise was a mixed bag and we only lost one full day due to Thunderstorms and rain (so we went out for a drive around the island) which to be honest is expected at this time of year. On another occasion we went to the old bakery site for breakfast which is now an upmarket looking coffee shop with a fine selection of cakes and pastries too. After leaving around 11a.m. we passed by the D.N.A. Bar and saw Marina setting up for the day. After popping in to say hello with a quick drink we got chatting to a couple from the Isle of Man and soon afterwards we were joined by another couple from Wolverhampton. It turned out to be a very enjoyable but totally full blown boozing session watching the S. Africa v Canada rugby match leaving much later on around 6-30 p.m. l.o.l. We headed back up to Pahnis and ordered a pizza at the poolside bar with more beers, needless to say we ended up staying in for the night, what a day. We spent time down at the Mill Bar in hot sunshine, ate in the Cosy Corner, Lemon Tree too, but sadly amongst our favourite places like Vrisaki and Alkyonis they had closed for the Season. On Thursday we went down to Zante town for a lunch date with resident friends which was lovely quality time with drinks to follow. We were both surprised by the mosquito activity so late in the year and being a bit negligent with skin applied protection both of us had bites. Generally I rarely get bitten but I had a good few to my lower legs and the wife (who they love) had quite a few all over her. Our bonus week was over all to soon and our last day yesterday was spent poolside in brilliant hot sunshine. It was disappointing to have 1.5 hour flight delay on our return journey home. In these days of modern technology where flight information is easily available in the palm of your hand they still want you to be at the airport at the original departure time. They take the time to text you well beforehand about the delay so why they don’t let you arrive at the airport a bit later (Christ we could have had another hour pool) beats me. You end up along with the other passengers on your flight taking up seats in departures for passengers on other onetime flights and getting generally bored grhhhhhh. Oh well Alykanas and your wonderful residents we’ll hopefully see you all next year, YAMMAS.
Title: Re: Back home now !
Post by: mari on November 07, 2019, 04:14:33 pm
Brilliant write up glad you had a great time definately sounds like you did  :)